You have access to over 32,000 Surcharge Free ATMs

If you have ever used another financial institution's ATM to withdraw money from your account, chances are you paid a surcharge fee. We know these surcharges can add up, and that is why we joined an ATM network called the SUM Switch. It eliminates surcharges normally incurred when you use another institution's ATM*.

Now you can use thousands of ATMs without paying costly surcharge fees. Just look for the SUM Switch logo when you are using another financial institution's ATM and you will know that you can receive money from your own account without extra fees*.

The SUM Network offers approximately 7,400 ATM locations nationwide.  

The Money Pass Network currently has over 25,000 ATM locations, with no surcharge fees.  

Click either of the logos below to locate a surcharge free ATM near you.

Sum          MoneyPass